Site Staff

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Site staff play an important role in schools, ensuring that the environment is clean, safe and tidy and that meals are available at lunchtime.

Cleaning Staff – what would I do?

Cleaning staff work either on their own or in a team, ensuring that the school premises are clean and hygienic.

Catering Staff/Kitchen Assistants – what would I do?

Catering staff help prepare and serve school meals and clear up when lunchtime is over.

Cooks/Catering Managers – what would I do?

Cooks/catering managers plan the menu for school meals according to a fixed budget and supervise the work of catering staff.

Premises Managers/Caretakers – what would I do?

Premises managers/caretakers are responsible for the maintenance of the school building, ensuring health and safety guidelines are followed. They may also oversee the work of other site staff.

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