Support roles FAQs

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Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about non teaching roles in schools.

What are the hours for support roles?

Most support staff roles require you to work during school hours, typically from 8:30 until 15:00 Monday to Friday. Certain roles may require you to be in school earlier or later than the start and end times. Other roles may require you to work for a few hours during school time.

Will I get the same long holidays as teachers?

For some roles, you will only be employed during term time. Other roles are full time positions with a set number of days’ holiday like any other job.

Is there a pay scale for school staff roles?

There is no national pay scale for support staff. Pay rates are set by each Local Authority – your salary will depend on the role and the responsibilities undertaken. Some support staff roles are paid term-time only.

Are there formal entry qualifications?

Most support staff roles require no formal entry qualification; however, this is at the discretion of the school. It is worth contacting schools to find out what qualities and experience are desired of a candidate.

Do I need experience of working with children to be employed in a school?

For many roles this is unnecessary – but in some cases previous experience of working with children may be required. This will always be clarified.

Do I need qualifications for catering roles?

If you will be working with food, new legislation requires you to hold a food hygiene certificate.

Is there training on offer to help my career?

A number of courses are available at local Adult Community Colleges. These training courses can help you gain the entry requirements or to develop your career – in fields from teaching assistant to catering, finance to school governor. See the Essex Adult Community Learning website for details of courses.