Support Roles

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Working in schools offers the kind of experience and rewards that other employers can’t match. There’s a special sense of community within schools - and you get to play your own part in giving children a better start in life.

There’s a wide range of support roles and non-teaching roles on offer in Essex schools – including opportunities in and outside the classroom.

You could choose to work with pupils in the classroom, supporting teachers with a range of vital tasks - teaching assistants help pupils with their learning on an individual or group basis. Talented assistants can then go on to become higher level teaching assistants, with additional duties and responsibilities.

There are also lots of other opportunities outside the classroom – including technicians, IT specialists, school business managers, secretaries and PAs, HR Managers, administrators and site managers.

You can use the links on the left to explore the different kinds of jobs. Not every school employs people in all of the roles listed here of course. But these are the sorts of positions that are available.