Essex - a special place to live and work

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Our county is a rather special corner of the country, full of contrasts and little quirks. Whatever you’re looking for from life in and outside work, you’ll find it here in Essex.

Working in Essex

Each individual school has its own character and something different to offer. At the same time, there are plenty of advantages to working in the Essex educational system as a whole.

Check out why Essex is a great place to follow a career in education in the Working in Essex section.

You can see the location of all our schools here.

Living in Essex

As a place to live, Essex is one of those rare places that offers something for everyone.

You've got miles of beautiful coastline dotted with seaside resorts. There’s rural living in the villages and huge expanses of countryside. And, you’ve got towns and suburbs, with the bright lights of London within easy reach (about a third of a million live on the border with in an area of 40 square miles).

Pretty much wherever you make your home, you’re never far from the coast, the countryside or an urban centre. If you currently live here, you’ll know this already.

But if you’re considering moving to the county, take a look at some of the biggest attractions about Living in Essex


7 kinds of teacher who are happily making Essex their home.

  1. The London escapees: when you’re ready to give up the attractions of the capital, Essex ticks a lot of boxes – more property for your money, better quality of life, less hectic, different kinds of schools.
  2. The first time buyers: compared to London and many parts of the South East, you can still get good value in Essex and more opportunity to get on the housing ladder.
  3. The Early Career Teachers: Essex is on the capital’s doorstep, with a better quality of life and cost of living compared to London, and lots else to offer.
  4. The adventure seekers: mountain bikers, hikers, sailors, watersports fans – the great outdoors is yours to explore in Essex.
  5. The family firsters: Essex is a great place to bring up a family, with plenty of different schooling options.
  6. The seaside lovers: Many people dream of living by the sea (or at least very near it). Move to Essex and you can do just that.
  7. The have their cake-and-eat-it-ers: From many parts of South Essex, you can be in central London fast. You can enjoy a London-centric social life, without the disadvantages of London life.