School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)

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If you’re a graduate who wants to qualify for teaching, one option is a full-time School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) course.

How does it work?

Groups of primary or secondary schools are accredited by the Department for Education to run courses which lead to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). In addition, training in some SCITT consortia can also lead to the award of a PGCE (validated by a higher education institution).

The principal advantage of a SCITT course is that it offers full-time ‘hands on’ training in at least two high quality schools, often, wherever possible, close to the your home. You get a personal mentor and exposure to the classroom environment virtually from day one of the course.

The SCITT Consortium provides all aspects of the course, including academic assessment, classroom observations, development of subject knowledge, delivery of theory and trainee support. External examiners and, if necessary, outside lecturers may be brought in to enhance the course provision.


Please see the Get into Teaching website for further details.

How to apply

You have to make your applications for SCITT courses via UCAS Teacher Training. The individual consortiums can provide information about course content and specific entry requirements. Search here for a list of providers.