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Headteacher:Simon Wood

DFES Number:2139




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Frobisher Drive
CO15 2QH

Telephone:01255 427073



Sir Martin Frobisher Academy is a primary academy in Jaywick, Essex, with a current roll of 170~ children. Many of our families live on the Brooklands Estate in Jaywick Sands, the most deprived area in Britain. We are pleased to be able to offer transport to those families most in need to ensure their children can attend school regularly.

Sir Martin Frobisher converted to academy status in Sept 2016 and now has a strong, committed and experienced senior leadership team, in place for the next 3 to 5 years, who are dedicated to moving the school forward, while ensuring the individual needs of all children are met.

The Academy has a high number of PPG, FSM and SEND children and all staff need to understand the complexity of this and of the unique community that Sir Martin Frobisher Academy is at the heart of.

Having determined, and recently implemented, our consistent whole-school teaching and learning strategies, we are now excited to begin to monitor the impact these will have on children’s learning over time. The children at Sir Martin Frobisher Academy are lively and enthusiastic, and need the very best, and fully committed, practitioners.

The sense of community is developing, and we are hoping to move back to a Local Governing Body in September 2023, following our Intervention Board being invoked to hold all stakeholders to account.

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