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Headteacher:David Lees

DFES Number:8816910




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Pathfields Road
CO15 3JL

Telephone:01255 428131



Welcome to Clacton Coastal Academy, a place where students can discover their passions, grow as individuals and prepare for their futures. Our team of dedicated staff work hard to create a safe and a positive learning environment which ensures students feel valued and encouraged to reach their full potential. CCA is rapidly improving, as it pivots towards high performance.

We offer a wide range of subjects and opportunities to suit every student's needs, abilities and their interests; from traditional academic to vocational to the new T levels which will begin in 2024. At CCA we guide each individual child throughout their entire time here to work towards what they aspire to be so they can find their remarkable. We want them to be ready, be respectful, be responsible.

At Clacton Coastal Academy we understand the value of strong pastoral care and positive relationships. Our focus is on ‘everyone known and known well’. This starts from a positive transition from primary school and goes all the way through to our CCA Sixth Form. Our comprehensive support system is in place to help and guide all students to enable them to achieve their very best. At CCA we strive to make every student feel like they belong here at CCA .

Alongside this sits our strong extra-curricular programme, which is enhanced by our Wednesday Enrichment Programme for all students.

Our facilities are also the best available, we have extensive access to sports facilities, TV studio, Radio Studio, as well as access to exclusive programs such as links to Ipswich Town Football Club and the players Academy. We're committed to providing our students with high quality education and a supportive Community to enable them to thrive.


At the Clacton Coastal Academy we aim to ensure that every child ends up in successful employment. To that end we ensure that our curriculum creates opportunities for students to become independent and self-motivated with the ability to be responsible, determined and aspirational. All students are individuals who develop in different ways and at different rates and the curriculum is designed to meet those individual’s needs and provide appropriate technology, qualifications and experiences to support students into their chosen career pathways.

The curriculum is centred around core concepts which are sequenced in order to support students in every subject. Core concepts form the bones of the subject. These pieces of knowledge or skills unlock further learning. Core concepts are sequenced in such a way that students are supported to secure each essential concept before moving onto the next. These concepts are focused around a knowledge rich curriculum where students learn topics to a high level of depth to help them to tackle mastery of each subject discipline.

We prioritise the development of reading, writing and communication to support students to access new challenges in the curriculum as this is an essential element for success in our local context. Students have dedicated reading lessons, to enhance their reading skills and build a culture of reading. Students read for twenty minutes a day every day. Subject leaders work hard to build vocabulary and increase the number of opportunities for students to read in lessons, with at least one reading focused lesson per half term.

We recognise our young people as individuals, offering support and challenges to empower them to achieve their aspirations with a high standard of lesson content. Where students need further support they are provided with opportunities within our Remarkable Futures programme (which provides intensive support to students at risk of disengaging with education) or our Transition Curriculum (which provides an enhanced curriculum to accelerate the progress of students who join CCA with significant gaps in their learning).

Additionally, there are a variety of enrichment activities to enhance our curriculum that mainly take place during our Wednesday enrichment afternoons. Year 11 and the Sixth form have allocated intervention times and a study hub to support their revision as they build up to their public examinations.

CCA is committed to providing all of our students with a broad and balanced curriculum. It is our belief that this large discipline of all subjects helps our students to receive a strong traditional academic education, while also having time to find expression in the creative subject areas.

To view Additional information as well details of the Key Stage 3/4/5 Curriculum please click here :


Bespoke Career Pathways

  • Bespoke career pathways for teaching and non teaching staff

  • Support at every stage of career development

  • All teachers offered coaching for a period of time over the year to improve their practice

  • ITT provision through ARK or one of our other partners, as well as in school provision.

  • ECT provision through Ambition Institute as well as in school provision

  • Opportunities to experience areas of school life that may be of interest

  • Lead Practitioner development programme through SSAT

  • All NPQs delivered centrally - Ambition Institute accredited leadership courses

Excellent training opportunities

  • Work with Ark teacher training - a robust system to get the best teachers possible

  • ECF is completed through Ambition Institute

  • AET support with external programmes

  • Training with us gives you a supportive environment, excellent mentor, focus on instructional coaching and opportunities to develop your own areas of interest as you progress.

Workload and wellbeing

  • Workload charter

  • Wellbeing award

  • Staff wellbeing room

  • Access to services and support when needed

  • Sensible marking policies

  • Appraisal system which focuses on improvement rather than performance

  • Staff sport and social events throughout the year

  • Access to the gym

  • BHSF benefits package

Building skills for life

  • An inclusive curriculum for all students regardless of starting points

  • Literacy is front and centre of our curriculum provision and Academy life

  • Reading focus (20 minutes a day and bespoke Reading lessons at KS3)

  • Enrichment programme that you can contribute to and teach something different

  • PSHE, RE and tutor programmes are built around giving all students the knowledge they need to be successful.


  • Work experience opportunities through local Universities for those interested in working in education.

  • Ambition Institute for training opportunities

  • Steplab as our coaching system.


  • By the sea!

  • Direct train links to London & Colchester (Be at London Liverpool Street in an hour and a half!)


We are proud to be part of Academies Enterprise Trust (AET).

AET is a national family of 58 schools committed to delivering an excellent education that launches all the children in our care into a remarkable life. It is our deeply held belief that every child has something remarkable to offer and we see it as our duty to help each and every child find this within themselves.

Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

At AET, we want all of our employees to feel included bringing their passion, creativity and individuality to work. We value all cultures, backgrounds and experiences, and we truly believe that diversity drives innovation.

AET is also an approved Apprenticeship Training Provider (through the ESFA) which allows us to deliver a wide range of apprenticeship programmes across the Trust and our school network. To find out more about what we offer click here :

We also offer teacher training programmes across our network. For more information please click here :

To find out more about AET please click here :

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