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Headteacher:Mr D. Jenkins

DFES Number:5247



Web site:sites.google.com/aetinet.org/hockley-primary-academy/hom

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Chevening Gardens

Telephone:01702 202394

Fax:01702 200135



A very warm welcome to Hockley Primary School.

We are so proud to have been judged as an Outstanding School.

It is a great privilege to be the Headteacher of such a thriving school community where high aspirations and a caring family ethos are at the heart of what we do as well as being a part of the Academies Enterprise Trust.

Our school vision begins with the words “Aim High” – we want all of our pupils to achieve high standards academically alongside exceptional personal development.

Our beautiful woodland setting enables our children to learn in calm, peaceful and awe-inspiring surroundings. In the Early Years Foundation stage, outdoor learning is an integral requirement of the curriculum; our children enjoy an extensive woodland setting in which to learn and play together.

“Working happily together inspiring a desire to learn” underpins all that we do and reflects the beliefs of all pupils and staff here at our school. Collectively we build our pupils’ aspirations and give them the skills and learning experiences to achieve them.

As our vision makes clear, our school is a space for aspirations. We know, however, that to help realise these aspirations, our school’s focus must be rooted firmly in our children’s success in the present. Here at Hockley Primary School, we take inspiration for this task from our natural setting. Just like the woodland surrounding us, our school is a communal space. We share it, we grow within it and, most importantly, we nurture it. Our school has places to sit and feel part of something, places to shelter and places from which to admire the beauty of everything that has grown within it.

“Behaviour in classrooms and around school is exemplary. Pupils listen attentively to staff and allow other pupils to learn without disruption. Pupils are highly motivated and want to do well. They show a real commitment to their learning and enjoy the challenge when things get harder.” Ofsted

We are fortunate to receive tremendous support from our parents and carers. The home school partnership is one of exceptional importance to us as we firmly believe that this is the key to ensuring successful learning for your child.

On arriving at Hockley Primary School, you immediately notice the excellent learning behaviour of our pupils and the passion, enthusiasm and friendliness of our staff. We believe that your children’s journey to learning is lifelong and we feel privileged that Hockley Primary School is where this very important journey begins.

Mr Jenkins


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