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Headteacher:Carl Messer

DFES Number:2001




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Canterbury Road

Telephone:01206 506800

Fax:01206 506801


We are passionate about our school. Why? … you ask.

It’s simple really. St. George’s School is at the heart our community. It is a well-established school with a sense of pride, community spirit and values.

It is also a school which is proud to be pushing forward; trying to develop increasingly effective teaching and learning strategies that support all of our children … a truly inclusive place to be.

We are focused on improving many aspects of school life. We promote a love of reading for all children, grow skilled writers and mathematicians and support children effectively in both their learning and well-being. We aim to provide an engaging curriculum for all our young learners through interest, breadth and depth, and offer excellent facilities, including state-of-the-art ICT resourcing. Our curriculum drivers of Confidence, Aspiration, Resilience and Experience help prepare children to learn for life.

In recent years we have completed a new capital building programme which includes new classrooms, a new staff area, improved SEN areas and new libraries. Many of our classrooms are newly refurbished … lovely places to teach and learn! With capacity for 680 children, including our own nursery, we are one of the largest primary settings in the area, and provide a true team ethos in which to grow professionally.

However, we still have much to do and believe that by working in partnership to achieve a common purpose we can continue to provide a school that is at the cutting edge of educational practice. We are graded 'Good' by Ofsted (2023) and are an Inclusion Quality Mark Centre of Excellence. We have one of the highest value added progress ratings in the area.

So, as you can see, we really are passionate about our school and recognise that through enabling inspirational teaching, learning and leadership, we will set the school well on the way to improving further still.

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