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Essex Schools Jobs

Admin Staff

Administrative staff provide essential back-up services for the whole school.

Administration Assistants

Administration assistants perform a wide range of office support duties including data entry, photocopying, filing and answering the telephone.


Secretaries provide administrative support to the school. They perform a wide range of duties including answering the telephone, typing letters, dealing with mail, greeting visitors and keeping records.


Bursars work as part of the senior management team and play a crucial role in managing a school’s financial resources, facilities, contracts and recruitment.

Exam Officers

Exam officers submit exam entries, organise timetables, oversee exams and process the results.

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  • General Administration
  • Clerical Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Office Manager
  • School Business Manager


  • Finance Officer
  • Bursar 

Examinations Officer

  • Examinations Officer
  • Invigilator
  • Examinations Manager

Specialist and Technical Staff

Specialist and technical staff are on hand in schools to provide valuable know-how and resources that support teaching and learning.


Librarians manage all the library resources in a school, including print, audio-visual, online and e-learning material.

Science Technicians

Science technicians ensure science lessons run smoothly by looking after and setting up equipment and helping out with demonstrations and practical classes.

ICT Technicians

ICT technicians look after school networks, install, order and maintain software and hardware and provide technical support.

Craft, Design & Technology (CDT) Technicians

CDT technicians prepare and maintain equipment, provide practical lesson support and carry out risk assessments.

Sports Technicians

Sports technicians set up and maintain equipment and assist sports teachers with PE lessons.

Food Technicians

Food technicians help prepare food and equipment for lessons, ensure health and safety regulations are met and assist with lessons. Web Links


  • ICT Technician
  • Network Manager 

Science/Design and Technology

  • Science Technician
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Design and Technology Technician
  • Food Technology Technician
  • Textiles Technician
  • Art and Craft Technician


  • Library Assistant
  • Librarian

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