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Headteacher:Mrs Sarah Leyshon

DFES Number:0



Web site:www.oxfordhouseschool.net

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2 -4 Lexden Road

Telephone:01206 576686




Oxford House is a Nursery and Preparatory school for boys and girls aged 2.5 to 11 years.

Founded in 1959, this intimate and exclusive school offers every child a complete education that puts a high emphasis on traditional values. We aim for every child to discover ‘Joy in achievement’ An outstanding curriculum inspires and promotes success both academically and creatively, allowing pupils to experience a window of opportunities. Small class sizes enable dedicated staff to channel and differentiate accordingly to each pupil. The school encourages high standards in behaviour and manners as well as in academic achievement. We are proud of all our pupils, many of whom go on to our local grammar schools.

Activities in the Nursery are Montessori based and aim to develop sensory skills and dexterity as well as a firm knowledge of number and language. All children are given one to one help every day to become confident readers. The breadth of the curriculum is enhanced by a wide variety of activities. Pupils are introduced to Dance, Music, Science, Computer Technology and Cooking at an early age and are encouraged to develop a keen interest in nature and the world around them.

Healthy eating and exercise also play an important role, with freshly prepared pescatarian meals served daily to ensure a healthy diet. A sensible balance of PE and sports allows swimming all year round with hockey, tag rugby, football and athletics in season.

Oxford House achieves a happy, safe and secure environment for your sons and daughters to learn and develop whilst providing a secure foundation for their growing success.

We warmly welcome you to visit the school.

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