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Headteacher:Fiona Pierson

DFES Number:6911




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Colchester Academy
Hawthorn Avenue

Telephone:01206 861217

Fax:01206 865941


Colchester Academy opened to students on Monday 6th September 2010 and became a Bright Tribe academy on 1st April 2015. Colchester Academy aims to be the first choice provider of outstanding learning for the community of Colchester and beyond. The academy provides exciting and challenging academic, vocational and social learning opportunities. The academy prepares students for a rapidly changing world and nurtures a philosophy of lifelong learning that they will maintain into adulthood. All students and staff are nurtured, motivated and encouraged to be the best they can be. Colchester Academy’s ethos is founded on a set of key principles which inspire and are evident in all the academy does. A culture of high aspirations, high achievement and success for all, with students celebrating and taking pride in their own and others achievements, inspiring them and making them feel good about learning and life. The academy will be proud of all its learners, young or old, student or teacher, as everyone will be considered learners within the academy and all will aspire to become life-long learners. Respect for others and self, with all people feeling valued. The academy will achieve excellence through inclusion, where all discrimination is eliminated, equality promoted and diversity embraced in all its aspects. Students will be able to flourish and know they have a fair and equal chance to achieve their potential irrespective of ability, belief, gender or ethnicity. A secure and healthy environment which is at the heart of the community, and meeting the learning and social needs of adults as well as young people. The academy will become a key community resource, acting as a local social and economic hub. The academy building, both inside and outside, will be designed to create an environment where all feel safe, secure and welcomed and healthy life styles will be promoted.

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