Corringham Primary School

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Headteacher:Lorna Hamilton

DFES Number:2006




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Herd Lane
SS17 9BH

Telephone:01375 672157



Our school is located in the heart of Corringham. Corringham Primary School is a long established school first serving the community of Corringham in 1870. Many of our current pupil’s parents and families have been part of the school and we even have teachers who were also our pupils. We became an Academy on 1st October 2013 and joined The Stanford and Corringham Schools Trust. This allows us access to a rich network where we can share best practise with our sister school, Gable Hall Secondary. We are now on our journey to be outstanding. We have two classes in each year group. The children are supported in their learning, social and emotional development by a highly qualified and committed team of professionals. To ensure we achieve our aim to provide an education our children enjoy which prepares them for academic and personal success now and in the future all classes have additional adult support from our highly qualified Learning Support Assistants. We also have a pastoral team to support our children and families when they need further help. To further support our children when they begin their school life with us we have 3 teachers teaching in our 2 reception classes and a dedicated Learning Support Team. Our reception children are further supported by our Specialist Speech and Language Teacher. In Year 5 and Year 6 we have 3 teachers in each year group which enables us to stream for Reading, Writing and Mathematics and the children work in smaller groups. Our additional teachers also teach intervention groups therefore our children receive support from the highest qualified and experienced teachers. We are an inclusive school and provide the community with a specialised provision for children with Speech and Language difficulties. These children receive specialised Speech Therapy, Speech and Language Teaching and are also supported in their mainstream class. Our school is an exciting place to learn and our pupils work hard and behave well. We are proud of our focus on traditional values, good manners and enthusiasm for learning.

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